Justyna Chełmińska, PhD

Doctor of Medicine and choral conductor, she graduated Poznan University of Medical Sciences
as M.D. and The Academy of Music in Poznań in prof. Przemysław Pałka's Choral Conducting
Masterclass (the diploma with honours degree). In 2014 she made her doctorate work
in music therapy in psychiatry and in 2017 finished specialty in General Internal Medicine.
In 2014 she finished Postgraduated Studies in Choral Conducting and in 2016 she has just
commenced Postgraduated Studies in Vocal Emmision on The Feliks Nowowiejski Academy
of Music in Bydgoszcz.

March 2014 Justyna Chelminska took part in The Ist International Boris Tevlin Choral
Conducting Competition in Moscow (Russia) and she became a finalist of it.
In 2012 she studied on Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting Workshop with the director Brian
O'Connell (USA), Masterclass Tutor Simon Carrington (UK) and Vocal Tutor Bronisława Falińska
(IT) and on The 9th International Summer Choir Academy in the Hungarian Choral Castle of
Pomaz with Artistic Director and Conducting Teacher Peter Broadbent (UK) and Volker Hempfling
(DE) as Conductor Tutor.
From 2004 to 2007 she was the vice president and from 2007 to 2009 the president of The Poznan
University of Medical Sciences Mixed Choir management. From 2009 to 2010 worked as a
conductor's assistant and vocal teacher in The Poznan University of Medical Sciences Mixed Choir.
Justyna Chelminska is the director and the conductor of The Poznan Doctors' Chamber Choir and
Poznan Vocal Ensemble NONA. She is the originator and the director of The Polish Doctors' Choirs
Festival. Additionally she is a soprano singer.