3rd Polish Doctors' Choirs Festival

The final concert

The report from the Festival

We are happy to announce that in 2017 there will be the third edition of The Polish Doctors' Choirs Festival. The main agenda of the event is to popularize choral music and singing among the doctors, as very often it is their great passion which they love to share with the wide audience. The first edition of the Festival took place in Ostrów Wielkopolski in 2012 and it gathered six doctors' choirs, whereas in the second edition in Poznan we were happy to have seven ensembles. In the third edition there were eleven groups approved plus two doctors' orchestras which will all take part in the Final Concert. The Special Guest of the Festival is going to be The Doctors' Choir RODINA from Sophia (Bulgaria).

During the Festival the participating doctors take part in the concerts, workshops and lectures and they will visit the places in which they will be performing. The Final Concert of the current edition will take place in Basilica in TRZEMESZNO on 11th November 2017.

The idea of Polish Doctors' Choirs Festivals came from Justyna Chełmińska, a doctor (specialized internist) and professional choral conductor. Her great passion and love for choral music has been always an inspiration for other people.


The Participants:

  • Poznan Doctors' Chamber Choir – organizers

  • Doctors' Choir from Bydgoszcz

  • Doctors' Choir from Gdańsk

  • Doctors' Choir from Lublin

  • Doctors' Choir from Olsztyn

  • Doctors' Choir from Opole

  • Doctors' Choir from Szczecin

  • Doctors' Choir from Warszawa

  • Doctors' Choir from Katowice

  • Doctors' Choir from Białystok

  • Doctors' Choir RODINA from Sophia – a special guest 

  • Poznan Doctors' Chamber Orchestra

  • Medical Students' Orchestra from Warszawa


The Festival is non-competitive in its character.




Read the report from the Festival

3rd Polish Doctors' Choirs Festival